More Than Anyone Needs To Know About Festool

Festool USA Power Tools is the sole US importer of Festool Air Tools, Circular Saw, Woodworking, Portable Power Tools and Cordless Drills.

Festool is a German manufacturer of innovative power tools, air tools, tool accessories and consumables. Festool offers portable tools for professional tradesmen in woodworking, carpentry, furniture making, cabinet making, flooring, boat building, painting, solid surface and automotive. Products include plunge router, router bits, dust extractor, circular saw, jigsaw, jig saw, saber saw, saw blades, cordless drill, drill driver, planer, hand planer, sanding tools like random orbit sander and orbital sander, abrasives. All tools come in Systainer cases, which latch together and form a unique packaging system.

Festool tools are sold by companies like Rockler, Woodcraft, McFeeleys and a ton of local distributors. Festool controls the selling cost of their items; so much so that a retailer can lose their distribution rights if they are caught selling the tools at a discount off the list price.

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Thanks for sharing this article. It is the first time I have read or seen this brand and wondering if they are still actively producing power tools until now?

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Ratul Ahmed said...

Marine and automotive finish experts often call the Festool sander the best thing available. Festool sander tools are designed for a high degree of sanding perfection, but are engineered to fit comfortably in the hand. Where many brands specialize in heavy duty applications, Festool sanders are built to give you the most exquisite detail of an power sander. More Information