New Gerstner Tool Chest Hunter Blog

Yes, it's absolutely true that I need another blog like I need another hole in my head; but that doesn't seem to stop me, does it?   As a Dayton boy there are several local companies that you just know.  There's Shopsmith, NCR, Mead, Standard Register, Delco, and more.  The city of Dayton is even promoting these home-grown companies with a new "Dayton Patented" promotion.  
As a woodworker Shopsmith stands out as a great supplier of tools, but H. Gerstner & Sons is the pinnacle of craftsmanship.  They've made machinist's tool chest from wood since 1906!  I've been shopping for them for some time, and like this blog I've started a blog to make it easy for me to store my refined eBay search links and other data that I've collected over the years.  Some of the links on the blog will lead to tool chests from resellers like Woodcraft and Amazon, and other links will be to tool chest plans and parts.  

Drop by and check it out. 



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