Festool TANOS Systainers For Sale

To most American woodworkers the name Systainer and Festool are synonymous. But Systainers are actually not made by Festool, but by another German company named TANOS.

Makita, Hoffman, Metabo and others in Europe sell their tools in Systainers, so don’t be shocked if you see Systainers with different names and colors than the classic Festool white with green catches.

One of the most unique features of the Systainer is that they can be stacked and latched together using their patented two-position catch. This allows you to carry a stack of tools in one hand, or to clip them on top of the Festool Dust Extractor. There’s even a neat cabinet where you can store your Systainers (and the tools they contain) for easy access in your shop.

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