Festool Planer For Sale

A unique planer, very quiet and very fast, and if you are so inclined you can even change cutting depth with the planer running. Always a clear view of the rebate edge. Create distressed or rough-hewn effects with accessory heads, or convert into a bench-mounted planer with optional bench unit.
- Planer head is mounted on one side for unlimited rebate depth and planing up to the edge- Single spiral carbide blade requires no adjustment of cutting circle diameter and planer head- The fastest blade change - takes only 60 seconds
- Long plate at front and rear
- Lockable planing depth adjuster
- V-groove in shoe for corner beveling
- Pivoted chip deflector and dust extraction port mounts on left or right side
- Electronics with 3 control and monitoring functions: controlled smooth start-up, constant speed under load, and temperature-triggered overload protection.

In a Fine Woodworking Magazine comparison of "The eight best power planers" Editor Andy Beasley said:
If I had to choose a favorite "On a typical project, planers are put through a wide variety of applications - from rough framing to intricate woodworking. No one tool can do everything perfectly, thus no planer can be singled out as the best. But if I had to reveal my overall favorite, I’d have to go with the Festool HL 850 E. Although out of my price range, this planer excelled at trim work and sported the best depth-adjustment knob, safety features, and overall design of the bunch."
Source: Fine Homebuilding, September 2003, No. 157, Page 70-75

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