Festool Plunge-Cutting Circular Saws For Sale

This is the Festool that brought Festool its original fame in the USA.

With their Plunge-cutting circular saws and the guide rail system you can bring the accuracy of a panel saw to any site. This combination provides laser-straight, splinter-free cuts on both sides of the blade right out of the box.
Unlike conventional pendulum-cover circular saws, Festool’s design allows the saw blade to retract into the housing giving you the option to start and end the cut accurately anywhere on the material. All of this innovation means a quicker, safer and more cost-effective precision tool. The dust extraction port ensures less dust and a clear view of the workpiece. Saw close to edges, make pierce-cuts and false joints, and cut to length. For solid wood, fine veneered panels and sheet goods of all kinds, plastic, and aluminum.

Most of the Festool Plunge-Cutting Saws feature:
  • Comfortable, precise, and safe cuts, thanks to guided saw blade with plunge-cut principle.Quick and easy cutting depth adjustment.
  • Bevel unit allows you to swivel the blade by up to 45 degrees on the guide rail for clean cut edges even on bevel cuts.
  • Detachable Plug-it cord, if the cord gets damaged, just plug in a new one yourself.
  • Rotating dust extractor connector, easy to adjust the dust extraction to suit your work.
  • A spring-loaded riving knife prevents binding, yet retracts automatically into the housing automatically during plunge cuts.
  • MMC electronics with 6 control and monitoring functions, including soft start, constant speed under load, stepless speed adjustment, temperature and current-triggered overload protection.
  • FastFix saw blade changing system for easy blade change.
  • Triple motor bearing, improves running smoothness and extends service life.
  • Zero-play guidance, adjust the saw base on the guide rail without tools.
  • Splinterguard on both sides of the cut, guide rail rubber splinterguard on one side, attachable plastic splinter guard on the other side of the blade.
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Robert Slack said...

This saw is comfortable, accurate and performs with great accuracy, giving clean cuts and leaving no dust behind. I cut 20 sheets of plywood for garage cabinets and all cabinet were square and perfect. I was impressed to be able to do this on my first job ever.